For Any Climate.

Focal Visors™ was initially founded by Canadians for Canadians. Whether it is the rain in British Columbia or the snow in Quebec, window visors help improve air flow from within the vehicle and prevents ice and snow from freezing the windows in colder climates.

Now, our products are distributed worldwide for all people and for any climate. Rain, snow, sand, and wherever your adventures take you.

[ quality built within ]

Manufactured Quality

Injection molded, high-quality poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA)/acrylic plastic, known for its beautiful finish and durability.

Sleek Appearance

Out-channel, smooth-beveled edges and dark-smoke, transparent finish. Out-channel means that the visors sit outside the window frame, not within. This will maximize functionality and add a sleek appearance to the vehicle.

Ease of Installation

Equipped with pre-applied, durable, double-sided tape (or factory-made clip-ons for select models), and ready to be installed on the vehicle - straight out of the box.

What others have to say

High quality, easy to install, and are at an affordable price point.

Lisa Wang

Amazing customer service. They were very responsive and helpful in answering my questions.

Mark Olon

These visors are car essentials. They allow for fresh air to enter the vehicle on rainy Vancouver days!

Jason Palmer