Product Features

Functional in Any Climate

  • Aids in the reduction and deflection of wind noise.

  • Aids in the reduction and deflection of sun glare for greater visibility.

  • Aids in the improvement of cabin air-flow with the ability to open the window slightly.

  • Insulates the cabin from external elements (i.e. rain, snow, sand) when window is slightly opened.

Manufactured Quality

  • Injection molded.

  • Made with quality poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA)/acrylic plastic, known for its beautiful finish and durability.


  • Out-channel/tape application.

  • Smooth-beveled edges.

  • Sleek and stylish dark-smoke, transparent finish.

  • See the visor styles offered here.

Ease of Installation

  • Equipped with pre-applied, durable, double-sided tape (or factory-made clip-ons for select models).

  • No drilling is required.

  • Installation guide is easily accessible on the website and in every package.