Visors Installation Guide


  1. Before installing the visors, please mockup/place the visors against the installation surface area (i.e., window of your vehicle) to ensure proper positioning when installing.
  1. Ensure the external environment temperature is approximately 18°C or above during installation for best adhesion results. As additional heat may be required, it is recommended to use a heat gun or blow dryer to heat up the tape.
  1. Wash the vehicle to clean and remove any dirt from the installation surface area. It is recommended to also apply rubbing alcohol to help further clean the area.
  1. Dry the installation surface area with a clean towel.
  1. If available, it is recommended to use masking tape to mark the position on the vehicle where the visors will be applied on.


  1. Remove any plastic packaging film on the visor, if applicable.
  1. Locate the double-sided tape liner that has been pre-applied on the back of the visor.

Note: If the package contains clips, there is an option for the visors to be installed with the pre-applied tape and reinforced with clips. However, it is not necessary to do so as the pre-applied tape is durable and strong when installed correctly according to the pre-installation preparation steps.

  1. Peel the tape back slightly, approximately 1-2” on each end of the visor. Do not fully remove the tape liner from the visor as this will be done in step 9.
  1. With the peeled tape slightly hanging out, place the visor to the window frame surface, ensuring that the position is correct, then apply pressure by pushing down the ends of the visor (i.e., the portions of tape that were removed in step 8).
  1. Slowly remove any remaining tape liner and use your hands to apply firm pressure down onto the visor.

Repeat steps 6-10 for all visors included in the package and allow the tape to cure at least 48 hours before washing the car or driving in the rain/snow. 

CAUTION: Before driving, ensure that all visors are properly secured onto the vehicle.